Saturday, August 2, 2008

Prada reminds me of a great day in Paris

I loved this Prada Campaign, Gemma Ward always looks like such a doll. The prints in this collection were beautiful and different. It looked very much like art nouveau.

I really do appreciate French-style art, such as this. I'm certainly excited about the prospect of going to France this October to see Hocus Pocus.

Imagine sitting in a small cafe listening to Hocus Pocus in this beautiful Prada number? Could anything be more perfect?

If fashion must use music and sex to sell today, why don't they hire musicians to promote their designs in their music videos? That way they could still have their own beautiful aesthetic without compromising Chanel like trangressions.

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firebolt119 outta nimbus2000 said...

it's sasha, or at least I thought so~