Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School

Ebony magazine does the cutest spreads with kids on fashion. This back to school issue featured cute kids with natural hair in some off taste duds. Most of the clothes were boring and could be easily featured in a Sears catalog or a K-mart rack. Whoever is the fashion editor of Ebony needs to be fired.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love and Relationship Advice through Celebs

I always find that the relationship advice is best from people reared in a faith based life. Although many of these individuals themselves have failed relationships, the centuries of advice they have collected through religious texts designed to keep families together is certainly more substantial than the only decades worth of texts from the psychologist's standpoint. So to have both a psychologist and an ordained minister offer advice seems the perfect pairing.

Dr. Ronn Elmore, is featured in Ebony as a relationship columnist and he offered the advice below to start actively finding a good mate:

I thought it would be interesting to compare his advice and apply it to famous celebrities in the public eye.

Scenario One: Take the Risk of Letting Someone See Who You Really Are

When she finally came out to the public, she might have lost her show, but she gained a life partner, Portia de Rossi, who she recently wed this week.

Scenario Two: Take the Risk of Going After Your First Choice

We all saw her go through guys that no one could quite understand why she was with, when she finally met someone who is just at the same level as her, it's interesting how well it all turned out.

Scenario Three: Take the Risk of Being Yourself

When Rihanna started to change her image away from the Jay-Z influenced mold of Beyonce, she gained more attention, and perhaps even led her to her new squeeze Chris Brown.

Scenario Four: Take the Risk of Knowing Your Worth the Best

Halle Berry said goodbye to the women beaters and the cheating men, and hello to a baby, because she knew that no man was worth the hassles that she has been given.

Scenario Five: Take the Risk of Doing Baby Steps Toward Your Goal

Jen Aniston dumping John Mayer when her goal is to have a child was the right decision if she felt like he was not mature or truly the right person to raise a child with.

Celebrities lives becoming more public can be viewed as a way for everyone else to develop into more solid individuals through their mistakes or transgressions.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Prada reminds me of a great day in Paris

I loved this Prada Campaign, Gemma Ward always looks like such a doll. The prints in this collection were beautiful and different. It looked very much like art nouveau.

I really do appreciate French-style art, such as this. I'm certainly excited about the prospect of going to France this October to see Hocus Pocus.

Imagine sitting in a small cafe listening to Hocus Pocus in this beautiful Prada number? Could anything be more perfect?

If fashion must use music and sex to sell today, why don't they hire musicians to promote their designs in their music videos? That way they could still have their own beautiful aesthetic without compromising Chanel like trangressions.